Kenno roasts green coffee beans into dark delicious ebony to make the ‘perfect’ cup of coffee in the Pavoni manual espresso device. This video shows you the how-2’s of perfecting your own home roast, like very one did before WWI & how to beat Starbuckets at it’s own game. But, this all time best in it’s class educational video also demonsrates the art of great editting and how drama can be placed in the mundane. Scorching hot, shiney black beans rise up from the roaster and drip through the cooling air to land in sultry abandon on the heat sink plate, before doing the grind into a sexy polished puck in the head of the Pavonni. As the hot water pours over their powdered bodies they release a steamy aroma of the finest quality and burst forth with abandon their suculant juices as only 20 grams of perfection can. Cream bubbles form the head and drops languidly into the cup. Latter, tehy meet and merge with frothy steamed milk and a little sugar, in a mix that says, oh oh oh my gods. Come, see for yourself!

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