Video 2 – Second Batch: I’m a customer of Sweet Maria’s in CA, I recently ordered a large amount of green coffee beans and a Behmor 1600. In this video I am roasting a 1 pound batch of the Sweet Maria’s Moka Kadir Blend. This is a blend of coffee beans designed for espresso. Information quoted from Tom at Sweet Maria’s in CA: ( Suggested roast Full City+, or Darker. Prime Attribute: Bold Intensity / Fruity, earthy, rustic sweetness, spice The coffee is described as: “huge body, strong bittersweet chocolate roast-taste, and intense fruited aromatics” Also of note: ” And I hate to say it but we find the occasional small rock in this coffee. Be sure to cull through the green and the roasted carefully.” So, I will be double checking through this coffee before I put it in my grinder, I don’t want to find a stone when I hear it ripping up the burrs on my grinder.