Portland Roasting Coffee on KEX 1190

Aired June 13, 2008- Portland Roasting is a good example of how a good cup of coffee can bring different worlds together. A 1992 trip to the Earth Summit conference in Brazil planted the seed of an idea in a Portland man. Today, that seed has blossomed into the Portland Roasting Company, where both coffee and social responsibility are brewing. This week the 1190 KEX Grape Adventurer puts down his wine glass and picks up a coffee cup.

#494 Roasting Coffee At Oso Negro

Sunday Kitchen #63 Roasting Coffee I love coffee and I’ve always wanted to see how it’s roasted. So I decided to email Oso Negro to ask if we could come and film them roasting … and they said yes! Oso Negro is pretty famous for their good coffee – we’d heard about it before we even went to Nelson. I love their coffee and their café too – good service and a nice atmosphere. Also, the people at the roastery were so nice! Thank you for letting us come and film – we really enjoyed it. And any coffee lovers that are heading to Nelson – go to Oso Negro. It gets five stars from me. www.osonegrocoffee.com English script: thedailyenglishshow.blogspot.com 英文スクリプト+日本語訳+番組詳細tdes.blog120.fc2.com Deutsch: germantdesscripts.blogspot.com Show 494 Sunday 9 September The Daily English Show www.thedailyenglishshow.com

Unpack a Hottop Home Coffee Roaster

I unpack a ottop KN8828P coffee roaster

A 3-min time-lapse coffee roasting video with deep cello roaster Justin Kagan. This professionally produced video is by filmmaker Brenda Grell.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters

A brief view of Java Blend Coffee Roasters, of Halifax Nova Scotia.

John Burton was awarded a NZ Coffee Roasters Association Lifetime Achievement Award at a formal awards ceremony on Saturday 21 May held at the Northern Club in Auckland. Many of the roasting fraternity were present at the screening of this tribute movie, as well as family and friends. Thank you John for your contribution to specialty coffee in New Zealand.

CoffeeAir II fluid bed Coffee Roaster

Use an old Kirby vacuum motor for the air flow and two Master Appliance 14.5A heatgun elements. The structure is cement board. Control is a Fuji PXV3, but I’m only using that for a set temperature. More info on the build here: www.homeroasters.org -CHAD

For the discerning Coffee Roaster who roasts coffee in a BBQ, this HIGH-SPEED 60 RPM Motor and Rod Kit is designed to produce a superior mixing ability in your Coffee Roaster Drum for optimum roasting. Consumer Version & Heavy-Duty Commercial Versions available.

Roast your own coffee at home on the cheap. This short 6 minute video will take you through the entire process from start to finish. Using a roaster and a per lb bag of green coffee beans. Creating the best tasting cup of coffee you have ever enjoyed.

Sorry about the low light, the iphone really doesn’t do well indoors. West Bend The Poppery 1500w, unmodified. 50 degrees. First crack at around 3:30, second crack at about 6:30. Awesome! This salad spinner was a gift that was just going to get donated, but now I’m glad I got it. I realized after I was done that drilling some vent holes in the top will speed up the cooling even more. I’ll post a comment about how that works out.

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