This is a quick preview of the our interview with the cooperative organic coffee roaster, Rick Riehle from Pangaea Organica at in Seattle, Washington. More of the interview coming soon! They source our green beans from the best Organic, Fair Trade coffees grown around the world. Then to ensure a roast profile that suits each coffee’s character, Pangaea spends time with each lot of coffee determining degree of roast. Under-roast and the resulting cup will taste sharp and sour. Over-roast and coffees of different origins lose their individual characters and become dull and burnt. They roast on a bed of hot air. It is a roasting method that produces a bright, rich cup of coffee. As with wine, there are distinct varietals of coffee, each with its own unique personality. Roasting by convection, using air, brings out the floral flavors of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the earthy complexities of Sumatra. Brew our coffee strong and dark and it will not be bitter, but rather sweet and natural.

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