CoffeeAir II fluid bed Coffee Roaster

Use an old Kirby vacuum motor for the air flow and two Master Appliance 14.5A heatgun elements. The structure is cement board. Control is a Fuji PXV3, but I’m only using that for a set temperature. More info on the build here: -CHAD

Homemade coffee roaster

I used a roasting basket, an old toaster oven, and a cordless drill to build my own coffee roaster. Got the basket for from Sweet Maria’s.

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Homemake Trike and Coffee Roaster on TV

Trike can be pedaled or powered by its Honda GX-31 4 stroke engine. It goes 29 mph. Note the universal joint handlebars. The coffee been roaster is fantastic! Easy to use, fast and delicious results. See the other videos for the EZ Reach smoke Detector Battery changer.

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Roasting coffee beans at home using a popcorn popper. DIY Instructions of the entire coffee roasting process, from roaster setup to bean storage. How to roast coffee beans on the cheap from start to finish. Basically, you dump the green coffee beans in until they aren’t bouncing around much and stir until they are. Wait until desired roast is reached (we like to roast into the second crack a minute or so, otherwise they don’t seem done), then cool as rapidly as possible and age in an airtight container for a few days before grinding and brewing. Props to for inspiring me to take up the hobby. Awesome pics and instruction at:

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