Red Gene Coffee Roaster Red Gene Coffee Roaster The Gene Cafe home coffee roaster offers a large capacity, intuitive, easy to use controls, and quiet operation. With complete control over both time and temperature that will please the most advanced home coffee roasting hobbiests, the controls and instructions are so easy that beginners can produce professional results the very first day. The clear roast chamber makes it very easy to view the roasting process, a must have feature that eliminates burnt or under roasted coffee. The Gene Cafe can hold up to 10 oz. of unroasted green coffee which will yield up to an 8 oz. batch of fully roasted coffee. The thoughtfully integrated safety features (that are lacking in most home roasters) include auto shutoff, overheat sensors, and a clear safety cover to prevent burnt fingers. This roaster delivers what you would expect of a higher priced coffee roaster: excellent roast quality, a durable machine built to last, a good warranty with US based support, and easy to use controls. As with most large capacity home roasting machines, a lot of smoke is produced during the roast. Perfect for a large household of thirsty coffee drinkers!

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A micro roasting session

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