John Burton was awarded a NZ Coffee Roasters Association Lifetime Achievement Award at a formal awards ceremony on Saturday 21 May held at the Northern Club in Auckland. Many of the roasting fraternity were present at the screening of this tribute movie, as well as family and friends. Thank you John for your contribution to specialty coffee in New Zealand.

I-Coffee Roaster #1 Medium/Dark Roast

Roast you own coffee at home with the I-Coffee roaster. Green coffee beans keep for over a year, roasted beans keep for a few weeks and ground coffee only keeps for a few seconds! This is why freshly roasted (and ground) beans are so important to making world class espresso. Roast your own and Taste the Difference. The I-coffee roaster is made in Korea to a very high standard and is now available at

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    The NZ Coffee Roasters’ Association commissioned this tribute to the second recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award. Watch and learn about John Burton’s contribution to the coffee industry and how he has helped many roasting companies throughout the years.

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    A Home Coffee Roasting Question…….?

    I roast my own coffee, and love it! I order green beans off the internet, and I have found some good blends, but I haven’t found that really great – Ohhhhh…..THIS IS IT!!! – coffee blend yet. Any referrals or suggestions as to where I can get a REALLY GREAT green bean coffee blend? Or, do you have a great recipe for a coffee blend? I’m pretty new to roasting, so I’m not knowledgeable about what green beans to combine to get a great blend. Thanks for any help! 🙂

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