Roasting Coffee African Style

KISS – this clip shows an easy and cheap way to build and run a home coffee roaster. The burning chaff is a bit dangerous – so donĀ“t try this at home unless you know what to do in case of fire!!!

A 3-min time-lapse coffee roasting video with deep cello roaster Justin Kagan. This professionally produced video is by filmmaker Brenda Grell.

Java Blend Coffee Roasters

A brief view of Java Blend Coffee Roasters, of Halifax Nova Scotia.

I-Coffee Roaster #1 Medium/Dark Roast

Roast you own coffee at home with the I-Coffee roaster. Green coffee beans keep for over a year, roasted beans keep for a few weeks and ground coffee only keeps for a few seconds! This is why freshly roasted (and ground) beans are so important to making world class espresso. Roast your own and Taste the Difference. The I-coffee roaster is made in Korea to a very high standard and is now available at

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    Coffee roasting at home

    Home roasting has a lot of fun. Fresh coffee is on the way when the roasted bean have 24 hours resting. Make a perfect cup of Cappu or Latte to refresh the taste bud….Bravo!!!

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      Coffee Roasting at Home

      Kenno roasts green coffee beans into dark delicious ebony to make the ‘perfect’ cup of coffee in the Pavoni manual espresso device. This video shows you the how-2’s of perfecting your own home roast, like very one did before WWI & how to beat Starbuckets at it’s own game. But, this all time best in it’s class educational video also demonsrates the art of great editting and how drama can be placed in the mundane. Scorching hot, shiney black beans rise up from the roaster and drip through the cooling air to land in sultry abandon on the heat sink plate, before doing the grind into a sexy polished puck in the head of the Pavonni. As the hot water pours over their powdered bodies they release a steamy aroma of the finest quality and burst forth with abandon their suculant juices as only 20 grams of perfection can. Cream bubbles form the head and drops languidly into the cup. Latter, tehy meet and merge with frothy steamed milk and a little sugar, in a mix that says, oh oh oh my gods. Come, see for yourself!

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        gourmet coffee roasting with an italian machine

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          Collaboration with videographer Jared Birt ( and our clients Coffeehouse NW (http and Sterling Coffee ( – how does Pamiris, Inc. help clients do what they do best? We asked Adam McGovern and Aric Miller for their thoughts. For more information about what Pamiris can do for your business, visit our website at To keep abreast of the latest Pamiris news, subscribe to one of our Twitter feeds – Portland ( Seattle (, or Spokane ( payroll/). Check out our channel for more tutorials, and client spotlight videos.

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            Roasting Coffee with a TurboCrazy

            Coffee roasting with a Stir Crazy popcorn popper, modified with an all-metal shaft, and the top of a Sunpentown Turbo Oven with a home-made aluminum chaff-ejecting spacer ring in between. Coffee: Peru APROCASSI FT/O All images, video, and text by: Jasonian Music written, played, and recorded by : Jasonian http

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              True Coffee Roasters

              True Coffee Roasters offers varieties of coffee from the world’s finest coffee-producing regions, roasted in small batches in our Fitchburg roastery. The cafes in Fitchburg and Stoughton have freshly roasted beans by the pound, a selection of several brews each day, a full espresso bar, teas as well as a variety of breakfast and lunch items including baked goods, soups, salads and sandwiches. Beans roasted daily are available for sale in one-pound bags or a reusable coffee can. Each time the can is returned for a refill, guests will receive a 10% discount on their beans. Coffees will also be prepared using the the pour-over method of brewing. Coffee cuppings and tasting events also take place.

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