How to Connect a Coffee Roaster to a Computer

In this video I’m connecting a coffee roaster to a computer for automated roast profile logging. The roaster is a Diedrich SR-1 sample roaster, but the procedure is similar for any recently manufactured commercial roaster. In this video I’m using a NI USB 9211. The software I’m using also supports the NI USB TC01 which only supports a single thermocouple channel and only works with computers running Windows, but is also much cheaper than the 9211. The software displayed is a single probe configuration of Typica 1.3.8, a free program that I wrote to make my work easier.

We use our sample coffee roaster to try out a recently arrived batch of Dominican Gold. This video is a little old, and the roaster has since seen some modifications. We were shooting for Full City + on this roast, and as you can here at the end may have hit just past it.

Video 2 – Second Batch: I’m a customer of Sweet Maria’s in CA, I recently ordered a large amount of green coffee beans and a Behmor 1600. In this video I am roasting a 1 pound batch of the Sweet Maria’s Moka Kadir Blend. This is a blend of coffee beans designed for espresso. Information quoted from Tom at Sweet Maria’s in CA: ( Suggested roast Full City+, or Darker. Prime Attribute: Bold Intensity / Fruity, earthy, rustic sweetness, spice The coffee is described as: “huge body, strong bittersweet chocolate roast-taste, and intense fruited aromatics” Also of note: ” And I hate to say it but we find the occasional small rock in this coffee. Be sure to cull through the green and the roasted carefully.” So, I will be double checking through this coffee before I put it in my grinder, I don’t want to find a stone when I hear it ripping up the burrs on my grinder.

Coffee Roasting Old School

There are two ways of roasting coffee “Old School.” One way is roasting the beans over an open fire. The other is in a heavy cast iron skillet. The beans must be brought to a temperature of 420 to 540 degrees. The temperature is varied during the roasting process to bring out the best flavors, caffeine and sugars. I prefer coffee grown in the volcanic mountains of Guatemala. But the ‘big box’ stores have swept through Central America and bought just about every quality bean there is. I’m roasting Brazilian Santos, one of the most common beans in the world. It roasts best toward the darker side… but too dark and it just tastes burnt. This batch came out well. It takes about an hour to roast two pounds this way. My fire/charcoal roaster will knock out five pounds in 45 minutes.

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      Hi, Anne & Jasper here. We live in Townsville, North Queensland, on a quarter acre block, and in our tropical garden we grow (among other fruits and vegetables) coffee. We harvest and prepare it, then roast enough for our own use, without the use of pesticides or elaborate equipment. This video shows how.

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        Now the roast is a little over 10 minutes long. You can see a definite darker tan now. First crack is happening, which is when the beans reach a certain internal temperature causing the moisture/air inside the beans to break open the bean, creating a popcorn popping type sound. You can’t hear it here due to the hood fan. First crack tends to happen rapidly in many roasting methods, like an air popcorn popper which I use occasionally, and my Behmor drum roaster which is now my standard method. But for stovetop roasting, first crack happens much more slowly, and here stretches between 10 and 15 minutes.

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