home coffee roasting

Home Coffee Roasting

Simple to do, and a great way to save money, roasting your own beans at home can be a great activity to do with your family or with guests. In fact, roasting parties are becoming very popular and each guest can use their own spices to develop their own custom roast to share withe everyone! Take a look around to read some reviews, watch some videos, and learn more about home coffee roasting.

If you want to do this at home, you should really pick up this book

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Portland Roasting Coffee on KEX 1190

Aired June 13, 2008- Portland Roasting is a good example of how a good cup of coffee can bring different worlds together. A 1992 trip to the Earth Summit conference in Brazil planted the seed of an idea in a Portland man. Today, that seed has blossomed into the Portland Roasting Company, where both coffee and social responsibility are brewing. This week the 1190 KEX Grape Adventurer puts down his wine glass and picks up a coffee cup.

#494 Roasting Coffee At Oso Negro

Sunday Kitchen #63 Roasting Coffee I love coffee and I’ve always wanted to see how it’s roasted. So I decided to email Oso Negro to ask if we could come and film them roasting … and they said yes! Oso Negro is pretty famous for their good coffee – we’d heard about it before we even went to Nelson. I love their coffee and their café too – good service and a nice atmosphere. Also, the people at the roastery were so nice! Thank you for letting us come and film – we really enjoyed it. And any coffee lovers that are heading to Nelson – go to Oso Negro. It gets five stars from me. www.osonegrocoffee.com English script: thedailyenglishshow.blogspot.com 英文スクリプト+日本語訳+番組詳細tdes.blog120.fc2.com Deutsch: germantdesscripts.blogspot.com Show 494 Sunday 9 September The Daily English Show www.thedailyenglishshow.com

Red Gene Coffee Roaster

www.amazon.com Red Gene Coffee Roaster The Gene Cafe home coffee roaster offers a large capacity, intuitive, easy to use controls, and quiet operation. With complete control over both time and temperature that will please the most advanced home coffee roasting hobbiests, the controls and instructions are so easy that beginners can produce professional results the very first day. The clear roast chamber makes it very easy to view the roasting process, a must have feature that eliminates burnt or under roasted coffee. The Gene Cafe can hold up to 10 oz. of unroasted green coffee which will yield up to an 8 oz. batch of fully roasted coffee. The thoughtfully integrated safety features (that are lacking in most home roasters) include auto shutoff, overheat sensors, and a clear safety cover to prevent burnt fingers. This roaster delivers what you would expect of a higher priced coffee roaster: excellent roast quality, a durable machine built to last, a good warranty with US based support, and easy to use controls. As with most large capacity home roasting machines, a lot of smoke is produced during the roast. Perfect for a large household of thirsty coffee drinkers!

Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters by John Jantsch

Local Color Series by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing sponsored by HP features Gregory Kolsto, founder of Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters in Kansas City, MO Filming by: Brandon Hill Photos

Roasting Coffee African Style

KISS – this clip shows an easy and cheap way to build and run a home coffee roaster. The burning chaff is a bit dangerous – so don´t try this at home unless you know what to do in case of fire!!!

thunder Island Coffee roasters Shop.mpg

An interview on channel 12 news about our roasting house and the way we handle our products and why we buy them from who we buy them from

How to Connect a Coffee Roaster to a Computer

In this video I’m connecting a coffee roaster to a computer for automated roast profile logging. The roaster is a Diedrich SR-1 sample roaster, but the procedure is similar for any recently manufactured commercial roaster. In this video I’m using a NI USB 9211. The software I’m using also supports the NI USB TC01 which only supports a single thermocouple channel and only works with computers running Windows, but is also much cheaper than the 9211. The software displayed is a single probe configuration of Typica 1.3.8, a free program that I wrote to make my work easier. www.randomfield.com

We use our sample coffee roaster to try out a recently arrived batch of Dominican Gold. This video is a little old, and the roaster has since seen some modifications. We were shooting for Full City + on this roast, and as you can here at the end may have hit just past it.

Unpack a Hottop Home Coffee Roaster

I unpack a ottop KN8828P coffee roaster

A 3-min time-lapse coffee roasting video with deep cello roaster Justin Kagan. This professionally produced video is by filmmaker Brenda Grell.

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